Complete Turkey SMT Machine Line Solutions

At I.C.T, we offer end-to-end SMT machine solutions (A to Z) for new factories. From equipment selection to installation, training, and ongoing support, we accompany you through every stage. Countless satisfied clients attest to our commitment to excellence. Your success, from setup to production, is our mission at I.C.T

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I.C.T Smart Line Solution

Complete SMT machine line Solution for ICT. Our lineup includes SMT Stencil Printers, Pick and Place Machines, Reflow Ovens, AOI Machines, SPI Machines, PCB Loaders, and more. These tools are meticulously chosen to enhance efficiency and precision in your manufacturing process.

Comprehensive DIP Solution for ICT. Our lineup includes essential equipment such as Automatic Insertion Machines, Selective Solder Machines, DIP AOI Machines, X-ray machines, ICT Test Machines, and more. Whether you're looking to improve through-hole soldering, quality inspection, or testing processes, our solutions are designed to meet your needs.

Showcasing our comprehensive Conformal Coating Line Solution for ICT. Our solution includes a conformal coating machine,glue curing oven, Coating AOI Machine, and features a return loop. This line is capable of coating both sides of PCBs efficiently. For more details, feel free to reach out to us.

Applications of SMT Machine

“In the world of Surface Mount Technology (SMT), high-tech devices are used in various industries. These devices are essential for putting electronic components onto circuit boards with precision and seamlessly integrating advanced microelectronics.

SMT equipment is versatile, finding applications in telecommunications, automotive electronics, consumer electronics, and beyond. Its smooth and efficient operation helps create small, high-performance electronic systems, promoting innovation and advancing technology in different fields.”

Main Product

Show some SMT machines, DIP machines, and various inspection macines. This’s products are popular and frequently inquired about. We’re here to provide expert advice tailored to your needs.

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Strong And Reliable Service Support

I.C.T boasts a dedicated team of 10 overseas engineers, constituting our greatest strength. With a profound understanding of the intricacies of each piece of equipment, our engineers possess an in-depth knowledge of the working principles and excel in post-purchase issue resolution. From the day you acquire our SMT machine, feel free to consult our engineers with any queries; we guarantee a response within 2 hours and resolution on the same day. This commitment ensures that you receive continuous support, reinforcing our dedication to your satisfaction.

Comprehensive SMT Solutions with Global Reach

I.C.T offers adaptable SMT solutions for diverse needs. Our top-notch service, online support, and cutting edge engineering ensure high quality processes. Committed to excellent service, we maximize production line productivity with outstanding quality driven by lean processes, employee integration, proactive planning, and continuous improvement.

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I.C.T has been dedicated to offering top notch SMT machines and solutions worldwide since 2012. Feel free to reach out – we’re here to support you!