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I.C.T-4030 Full-Auto Solder Paste Printer

Solder Paste Printer
SMT Line
Solder Paste Printer
SMT Line

I.C.T-4030 Full-Auto Solder Paste Printer

  • PCB Size: 50*50 ~ 400*340mm
  • Stencil Frame Size: 470*370 ~ 737*737mm
  • Cleaning: Dry, Wet, Vacuum, Cleaning tube core: 410mm*Ø20mm; Cleaning paper: 380mm*10m
  • Standard 2D Inspection
  • Cycle Time: < 7.0 second


SMT Stencil Printer

I.C.T-4030 Full-Auto Solder Paste Printer

Solder Paste Stencil Printer: Unleash Your SMT Assembly Potential

I.C.T Solder Paste Printer, setting a new standard for streamlined and effective SMT printing. With its rapid 7-second printing cycle, quick line change settings, and outstanding repeatability, it delivers optimal results consistently.

This versatile printer is tailored to meet a variety of needs across industries. From consumer electronics to automotive electronics, LED manufacturing, and beyond, the I.C.T Solder Paste Printer excels in various applications. Whether it’s precision printing for circuit boards in smartphones or automotive control modules, this printer ensures high-quality results every time.

Its user-friendly design and customizable settings make it an ideal choice for manufacturers seeking efficiency and reliability. Say goodbye to lengthy setup times and hello to seamless production with the I.C.T Solder Paste Printer. Experience unmatched efficiency and performance in your SMT assembly line today.

Key Features

I.C.T Solder Paste Printer: Unleash Your SMT Production Potential

Experience unparalleled precision and efficiency with the I.C.T Solder Paste Printer, a comprehensive solution for your SMT assembly line.

Unmatched Printing Performance:

  • Innovative squeegee design: Ensures consistent and precise pressure for optimal paste transfer.
  • Stable double-sided slide rails: Maintain squeegee accuracy throughout operation.

Seamless PCB Handling:

  • Distinctive belt conveyor system: Prevents jams and offers precise speed control.
  • Flexible entry/exit directions: Enhances usability.
  • Secure PCB clamping: Guarantees precise printing contact.

Exceptional Vision System:

  • Uniform, bright coaxial light source: Enables clear identification of various marks.
  • Adjustable full-range lighting: Optimizes vision for diverse PCB types.

Versatile Cleaning System:

  • Multiple cleaning options: Dry, wet, and vacuum, including manual cleaning.
  • Efficient maintenance: Separated CCD and cleaning parts.
  • Top-to-bottom spray system: Ensures even cleaning coverage.
  • Software-controlled consumption: Saves on cleaning materials.
  • Powerful vacuuming: Delivers thorough cleaning.

Integrated 2D Inspection:

  • Real-time monitoring: Minimizes printing defects and rework.

Industry 4.0 Ready:

  • MES integration: Enables real-time production monitoring and control.


Model I.C.T-4034 I.C.T5134 I.C.T-5151
Frame Size(mm) 470*370 ~ 737*737 470*370 ~ 737*737 470*370 ~ 737*737
PCB Size(mm) 50*50 ~ 400*340 50*50 ~ 510*340 50*50 ~ 510*510
Transport Direction Left-Right; Right-Left; Left-Left; Right-Right
Support System Magnetic Pin/Up-down table adjusted/support block
Clamping System Side clamping(vacuum nozzle,Automation retractable Z pressure is option)
Printer Head Two independent motorised printhead
Squeegee Type Stainless steel(standard),plastic
Cleaning System Dry, Wet, Vacuum
Inspection 2D Inspection(Standard)
Power Supply AC:220±10%,50/60HZ,3Kw
Control Method PC Control
Dimension(mm) 1220*1355*1500 1220*1355*1500 1220*1550*1500


More Big Size Model:

Model I.C.T-6534 I.C.T-6561 I.C.T-9060
Frame Size(mm) 650*400 ~ 850*750 650*400 ~ 850*850 737*400 ~ 1100*900
PCB Size(mm) 50*50 ~ 650*340 80*50 ~ 650*610 80*50 ~ 900*600
Dimension(mm) 1330*1370*1500 1330*15450*1500 1580*1545*1500

* If further parameters are required, please feel free to contact us for additional details.


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