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I.C.T-910 | Automatic IC Programming Machine

Automatic IC Programming Machine
Automatic IC Programming Machine

I.C.T-910 | Automatic IC Programming Machine

  • Burners: Benefit from 8 sets of 32-64sit burners, ensuring efficient and reliable performance.
  • Camera: Equipped with 2 cameras – a Component camera and a Marking camera – for precise monitoring and quality control.
  • Throughput (UPH): Achieve impressive throughput rates ranging from 2000 to 3000 pieces per hour, enhancing productivity.
  • Compatibility: Enjoy seamless integration with adapters tailored to accommodate various products provided by customers, ensuring versatility and adaptability.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Experience simplicity in operation with a modular and layered interface featuring intuitive visuals and text, facilitating ease of use for operators.
  • System Upgrades: Stay ahead with complimentary software upgrades, ensuring your system remains up-to-date with the latest advancements and features, all at no additional cost.


I.C.T-910 Automatic IC Programming Machine

I.C.T-910 Automatic IC Programming Machine, a pinnacle of efficiency, automation, and intelligence tailored for high-volume electronic production. Crafted to streamline the manufacturing process, this machine boasts unparalleled speed and efficiency, surpassing conventional mass production programmers.

With its modular design, each component operates independently, ensuring swift programming and vastly improved productivity. Seamlessly optimized for rapid project switching and utmost reliability, our system stands as a beacon of innovation in the realm of IC programming.

Experience the future of electronic production with our Programming System, where efficiency meets intelligence for unparalleled results.

Key Features

  • Versatile Module Expansion: Seamlessly expand your capabilities with various input and output modules, including Tray to Tray, Tray to Reel, Reel to Tray, and Reel to Reel, ensuring adaptability to diverse production needs.
  • Precision Component Orientation: Empowered by a high-definition industrial CCD, our system automatically identifies component direction and offers compensation, ensuring accurate assembly every time.
  • Efficient Material Handling: Enjoy hassle-free material handling with a self-positioning mechanism, precisely locating programmer sockets and material loading positions for seamless operation.
  • Comprehensive Protection Features: Benefit from foolproof functionalities, including empty material detection in each expansion module, ensuring error-free production processes.
  • Automated Tray Management: Experience uninterrupted programming with automatic tray feeding and replenishment for seamless operation, even in the presence of defective products.
  • Integrated Connectivity Options: Seamlessly integrate with MES systems or opt for lightweight CPS systems to effortlessly output comprehensive report results, enhancing operational transparency.
  • Multi-Level Detection Protections: Ensure production integrity with multiple detection safeguards, monitoring air source pressure, vacuum pressure, component height, stacking, and part completeness.
  • Customized Programming Solutions: Tailor your programming experience with specialized adapters crafted to your unique specifications, enhancing precision and compatibility.
  • Modular Efficiency: Embrace swift product transitions with a modular design, facilitating quick adapter replacements for enhanced efficiency and reduced downtime.
  • Static Electricity Elimination: Equipped with dual ion blowers, our system effectively eliminates static electricity, mitigating the risk of NG materials and significantly reducing production defects.


Item Model I.C.T-910
Transmission system Efficiency of the machine Standard machine: Equipped with universal burner of Puro and other brands: 8 sets of 32-64sit burners: UPH 2000-3000PCS/H; Equipped with 204AP brand universal burner: 3 sets of 12sit burners: UPH1600-2200PCS/H
A small number of diverse modes: equipped with 3 sets of 204A burners, UPH 1600-1800PCS/H.
Packaging conversion mode: pallet to tape production capacity of 4000PCS/H (12mm tape products as an example)
Control precision Precision servo screw drive, accuracy: X-axis ±0.015mm; Y-axis ±0.015mm; Z-axis ±0.03mm; P-axis ±0.03mm; U(θ)-axis ±0.15°
Suitable package form PLCC, JLCC , SOIC, QFP, TQFP, PQFP, VQFP, TSOP, SOP, TSOPII, PSOP, TSSOP, SON, EBGA, FBGA, VFBGA, BGA, CSP, SCSP, and so on. (Open Top adapters, some ICs need to be customized with special adapter consumables).
Includes precision upper and bottom CCD positioning system.
Feeding and unloading device Tray IN/ OUT Supports automatic Tray feeding, can send 10 trays of JEDEC Tray products at the same time, and supports marking tray components after programming
Tube IN/ OUT Support 4-tube IC electromagnetic vibration feeding
Tape IN/ OUT Electric feeder, supports 8-24mm self adhesive film or hot press packaging.
Conversion of packaging methods Different packages are converted to each other, Tray packed to Tape packed, Tape packed to Tray packed.
Other Nozzle 4pcs
Camera 2pcs (Component camera + Marking camera)
Feeder station 2pcs (8-24mm)
Ion fan 2pcs
Power Operating voltage: 190~240V/50Hz, 2.0KW
Dimension L1450*W860*H1450mm
Weight 700kg

* If further parameters are required, please feel free to contact us for additional details.


I.C.T IC Programming Machine.pdf, File Size: 3MB



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