Wave Soldering & Selective Soldering


The Importance of Wave Soldering and Selective Soldering in THT Line Assembly

Wave Soldering & Selective Soldering are essential pieces of equipment in the (Through-Hole Technology) THT Line. The THT Line plays a crucial role in the assembly and manufacturing of electronic devices, where components with leads are mounted onto PCB through holes drilled into the board. This technology is indispensable in various industries, including automotive, aerospace, consumer electronics, and telecommunications, where reliability and durability of electronic assemblies are paramount. The precision and efficiency provided by wave and selective soldering machines ensure high-quality solder joints, making them vital for the production of robust electronic products.

DIP Line in Electronics Manufacturing

The DIP Line is an indispensable production line in the electronics industry. It includes essential soldering equipment such as wave soldering machines, selective soldering machines, and flux spray machines.

Additionally, the line features manual insertion lines and fully automatic insertion lines. To ensure the quality of DIP component soldering, Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) is also incorporated.

The Role of THT Line in Electronics Manufacturing

In the electronics field, the THT Line is one of the indispensable production lines. Typically, it is preceded by a SMT production line and followed by a Conformal Coating Line. In modern electronics, the SMT production line has not replaced the THT production line despite the miniaturization of components. This is because of the essential DIP (Dual In-line Package) components that require through-hole mounting. The normal production process involves the SMT production line first, followed by the THT production line, and finally, the Conformal Coating Line, which applies a protective coating to enhance the longevity of the PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly).

Stage 1: SMT Placement

In the first stage, components are mounted directly onto the surface of PCB using automated machines with high precision and speed.

Stage 2: DIP Assembly

Components with leads are inserted into drilled holes on the PCB and soldered, providing strong mechanical bonds and high reliability.

Stage 3: Glue Spraying

A protective coating is applied to the assembled PCB, enhancing durability and longevity by shielding it from environmental factors.

Composition and characteristics of DIP line

Wave Solder Machine and DIP Line 2
Selective Soldering Machine and DIP Line

 DIP Line with Selective Soldering Machine

Personnel: Requires 3 people.


  • High Automation: Ideal for efficient large-scale production.
  • Efficiency: Maintains high-quality standards with minimal human intervention.

DIP Line with Wave Solder Machine

Personnel: 5-20 people, adjusted according to the product.


  • Cost-Effective: Suitable for small-scale production.
  • Flexibility: Easily adjustable to meet varying production needs.

THT Line Solution 1

I.C.T DIP Production Line
  • Personnel: 5-20 people, adjusted according to the product.
  • DIP assembly line machine configuration.

Manual Plug-in Line: Operators manually place components.
Wave Soldering Machine: Ensures efficient soldering of components.
Belt line: Transports the assemblies through the process.

  • Advantages

Cost-Effective: Suitable for small-scale production.
Flexibility: Easily adjustable to meet varying production needs.

THT Line Solution 2

DIP Solution 2
  • Personnel: 10-20 people.
  • THT line machine Configuration:

Manual Plug-in Line
DIP AOI (before THT soldering): Automated Optical Inspection for quality control.
Wave Loader: Feeds the assemblies into the wave soldering machine.
Wave Soldering Machine: Ensures efficient soldering of components.
Wave Unloader: Removes the assemblies from the wave soldering machine.
DIP AOI (after THT soldering): Additional quality control post-soldering.
Standard Reject Conveyor: Handles rejected items.
Belt line: Transports the assemblies through the process.

  • Advantages:

Quality Control: Multiple stages of inspection ensure high-quality output.
Balance: Combines manual and automated processes, ideal for medium-scale production.

THT Line Solution 3

  • Personnel: 3 people.
  • THT assembly line machine Configuration:

PCB Loader: Automatically loads PCBs onto the line.
PCB Conveyor: Transports the PCBs between stages.
Automatic Insertion Machine:

Radial Insertion Machine: Inserts radial lead components into the PCB.

Axial Insertion Machine: Inserts axial lead components into the PCB.

PCB Conveyor: Transports the PCBs between stages.
Selective Soldering Machine: Solders specific points on the PCB with precision.
PCB Conveyor: Transports the PCBs between stages.
THT AOI: Automated Optical Inspection for Through-Hole Technology, ensuring quality control.
NG/OK Unloader: Separates non-conforming (NG) and conforming (OK) assemblies.

  • Advantages:

High Automation: Suitable for large-scale production.
Efficiency: Ensures high efficiency and quality with minimal human intervention.

Manual Insertion Line vs. Automatic Insertion Machine

Manual Insertion Line

  • Involves manual component placement.
  • Highly flexible, suitable for small batches and diverse products.
  • Low equipment costs, ease of operation and maintenance.
  • Lower efficiency, higher labor costs.

Radial/ Axial Automatic Insertion Machine

  • Automates component placement.
  • Offers high speed and precision, ideal for large-scale production.
  • High efficiency, stability, reduced labor costs.
  • Substantial initial investment, complex maintenance.

Each THT production line machine configuration can be customized to meet specific requirements, ensuring both efficiency and high quality.

Applications of DIP Assembly Line

DIP Wave Soldering Machine

Consumer Electronics

In the consumer electronics industry, DIP assembly lines play a crucial role in manufacturing products that require reliable connections and robust performance. Widely used in home appliances and audio equipment.

I.C.T Coating AOI Machine AI5146W

Automotive Electronics

Automotive electronics require components that can withstand extreme temperatures, vibrations, and other harsh conditions. DIP assembly line ensure the durability and reliability of these critical components.

Selective Soldering Machine

Communication Equipment

THT assembly is essential for communication devices that must endure demanding conditions and provide reliable performance, such as routers, modems, and network infrastructure equipment.

SMT Conveyor

Medical Devices

Medical devices must adhere to strict quality and reliability standards. DIP line help produce medical equipment that meets these rigorous requirements, ensuring safety and effectiveness.

I.C.T DIP Radial Automatic Instertion Machine S3020

Industrial Control

Industrial control systems demand high reliability and durability. DIP assembly lines ensure these systems can withstand industrial environments, providing stable and long-lasting performance.

Power Electronics

Power Electronics

DIP assembly lineis commonly used in power supply units due to its ability to handle higher current and power levels. This includes power adapters, inverters, and other power conversion devices, where the reliability and robustness of THT components are essential.

Customer Success Cases

An industrial control systems manufacturer implemented I.C.T’s THT Line, achieving a 30% increase in production efficiency and a 20% reduction in defect rates. This improvement has enabled the company to meet higher demand while maintaining superior product quality.

Mining Equipment Manufacturer

Mining Equipment Manufacturer

A mining equipment manufacturer adopted I.C.T’s DIP Assembly Line, resulting in a 25% boost in production speed and a 15% decrease in production costs. The enhanced efficiency has allowed the company to scale operations and deliver more reliable products to their clients.

An automotive electronics manufacturer integrated I.C.T’s Assembly Line into their production process, leading to a 35% improvement in production efficiency and a significant reduction in component failure rates. This advancement has strengthened their product reliability, crucial for withstanding the harsh conditions of automotive environments.

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