Breaking New Frontiers: Tony’s Journey with I.C.T’s Laser Depaneling Line in Malaysia

Breaking New Frontiers: Tony’s Journey with I.C.T’s Laser Depaneling Line in Malaysia

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In the crisp month of February 2023, I.C.T’s overseas SMT engineer, Tony, embarked on a transformative expedition to Malaysia. His mission? To provide crucial service and support to a global Fortune 500 client who had recently acquired I.C.T’s state-of-the-art Laser Depaneling Line. This cutting-edge line comprised the PCB Loader, Laser Depaneling Machine, and PCB Placement Machine.

Upon reaching the client’s facility, Tony encountered a scene of anticipation – the equipment already unboxed and strategically arranged according to the layout diagram. Tony, armed with his technical prowess, meticulously fine-tuned the programs of each machine, ensuring seamless functionality. The grand finale included comprehensive training and fine-tuning sessions, tailored to the client’s specific requirements.

This Laser Depaneling Line held monumental significance as it marked I.C.T’s inaugural venture into the semiconductor realm. The product to be cut belonged to the semiconductor category, adding a layer of complexity and precision to the task at hand. Compounding the challenge was the client’s stature as a Fortune 500 company, setting them apart with stringent demands. The laser-cut cross-sections were expected to maintain a uniform standard, devoid of any burn marks. The dimensional precision post-cutting was equally critical, demanding an accuracy that left no room for error.

In the relentless pursuit of perfection, Tony embarked on a series of meticulous adjustments. The challenge was met head-on, and the CPK (Process Capability Index) flawlessly soared above 2, exceeding the client’s stringent standards. The equipment was handed over in impeccable condition, a testament to I.C.T’s commitment to exceeding expectations even in uncharted territories.

Tony’s journey in Malaysia not only marked a successful deployment but also signaled a milestone for I.C.T as it ventured into the intricate landscape of semiconductor manufacturing. The story of this Laser Depaneling Line resonates as a testament to I.C.T’s adaptability, precision, and unwavering commitment to excellence in serving clients worldwide.

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