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I.C.T-S400 SMT In-Line Automatic SPI Machine

I.C.T SMT SPI Machine S400
SMT SPI Machine
SMT SPI Machines
I.C.T SMT SPI Machine S400
SMT SPI Machine
SMT SPI Machines

I.C.T-S400 SMT In-Line Automatic SPI Machine

  1. Multi-frequency PSLM: Our SMT SPI machine features Multi-frequency PSLM technology, offering ±1200um detection height and enhanced accuracy.
  2. Phase Modulation Profilermetry (PMP): Achieve precision with our SMT SPI machine, boasting PMP technology for a 0.37um height resolution.
  3. High Resolution and High Frame Rate Image Processing Unit: Experience precise 2D/3D measurements with our SMT SPI machine, equipped with an Active RGB 2D Light Source and patented RGB Tune function.


I.C.T S400 SMT In-line SPI Machine

I.C.T 3D SMT SPI Machine, engineered to address shadow and reflection challenges encountered during the detection process. This sophisticated system elevates solder paste 3D detection accuracy by leveraging advanced technology. Equipped with a 5M pixel high-speed camera, it enables rapid detection while providing detailed and clear images. Specifically designed for high-speed and high-precision production lines, it optimizes manufacturing efficiency. Embrace innovation with the I.C.T 3D SMT SPI Machine, setting new benchmarks for accuracy and speed in electronics manufacturing.

Key Features

  • Multi-frequency PSLM:
    Utilizing advanced Multi-frequency PSLM technology, our SMT SPI machine enhances accuracy and expands application scope by eliminating mechanical parts. Achieve ±1200um detection height with reduced maintenance costs.
  • Phase Modulation Profilermetry (PMP):
    Incorporating PMP technology, our machine achieves impressive 0.37um height resolution with 4-8 times sampling, ensuring consistent high performance and precise detection capabilities.
  • High Resolution and High Frame Rate Image Processing Unit:
    Equipped with a high-resolution industrial CCD camera and ultra-high frame rate, our machine enables steady and rapid detection of small components and high-density mounting. Choose from various detection accuracy options to meet diverse product requirements.
  • Telecentric Lens for Static Compensation:
    Eliminate lens distortion issues with our telecentric lens and specialized software algorithm, enhancing inspection accuracy and resolving problems like squint and deformation for industry-leading static compensation.
  • 2D Lamp Panel:
    Improve soldering process accuracy with the 2D lamp panel, featuring RGB tuning to avoid color distortion effects and enhance versatility across different PCB colors. Enhance repeatability accuracy in equipment tests.
  • Active RGB 2D Light Source:
    Our machine introduces an Active RGB 2D Light Source with patented RGB Tune function and unique filter algorithm, addressing issues like solder bridge detection false alarms and relative zero surface uncertainty. Experience precise 2D/3D measurements and images of printed solder paste.
  • High Accuracy Hardware Platform:
    Built on a high-rigid grade steel frame, our SMT SPI machine ensures high-speed and steady positioning through close loop servo control and high-precision ball screws. Optional linear and high-precision linear encode positioning systems achieve ultra-high resolution and speed, with repeatable accuracy down to 1um.


Model I.C.T-S400 I.C.T-S400D I.C.T-S1200
PCB Size 55*55 ~460*460mm 55*55 ~450*310mm Dual 55*55 ~ 1200*650mm
PCB Tickness 0.5 ~ 7.0mm
PCB Weight ≤5.0kg
Conveyor Adjustment Manual/automatic
Measure Type Height,Area,Volume,Offset,Bridge,Shape(missing print,insufficient tin, excessive tin, bridging, offset, mal-shapes, surface contamination)
Paste Height 0 ~ 550um
Min Pad Pitch ≥100um
Measure Principle 3D white light PSLM PMP(Programmable Spatial Light Modulation, Phase Measurement Profilometry)
Inspection Head Quantity 1
Camera Pixel 5M, (10M/12M as option)
Detection Speed 0.35 ~ 0.5s/FOV
Program Time 5 ~ 10min
Data Type Gerber Data 274D/274X, Scan PCB
Power AC220,50/60Hz,1KVA
Machine Dimension 1000*1150*1530mm 1000*1350*1530mm 1730*1420*1530mm
Weight 965kg 1200kg 1600kg

* If further parameters are required, please feel free to contact us for additional details.


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