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I.C.T SMT Automatic SMD Tape Splicing Machine

SMD Tape Splicing Machine I.C.T-AISM08~BD
I.C.T-AISM 08 SMD Tape Splicing Machine~1000px
SMD Tape Splicing Machine AISM72~bd
SMD Tape Splicing MachineAISM72-2~bd
SMD Tape Splicing Machine I.C.T-AISM08~BD
I.C.T-AISM 08 SMD Tape Splicing Machine~1000px
SMD Tape Splicing Machine AISM72~bd
SMD Tape Splicing MachineAISM72-2~bd

I.C.T SMT Automatic SMD Tape Splicing Machine

  • User-Friendly: Master the SMD Tape Splicing Machine quickly, reducing the need for specialized skills.
  • Error-Free: Ensure precision with automatic error detection, seamlessly integrating with MES systems.
  • Compact and Accurate: Detect tiny components reliably with CCD technology, ensuring consistent performance.


I.C.T SMT Automatic SMD Tape Splicing Machine

I.C.T SMT Automatic Splicing Machine, a cutting-edge solution meticulously crafted to meet the dynamic demands of SMT production line. Engineered for seamless refueling without interruptions, this innovative machine boasts an array of features designed to enhance operational efficiency and streamline manufacturing processes:

Our splicing machine offers unparalleled versatility, accommodating material belts ranging from 4 to 72mm, ensuring comprehensive coverage for diverse production needs. With its intuitive interface, operators can become proficient in just 5 minutes, reducing dependency on specialized personnel and optimizing workforce utilization.

Equipped with advanced CCD detection technology, this machine ensures precise identification of empty components, even as small as 01005, mitigating the risk of batch misfeeding and enhancing production accuracy. Additionally, the inclusion of RC measurement functionality enables precise determination of component values, further bolstering quality control measures.

Key Features

  • Simple Operation: Master the machine in just 5 minutes with its intuitive interface, enabling anyone to operate it easily, thereby reducing dependency on specialized personnel.
  • Error-Proofing: Incorporating automatic code scanning and error-proofing mechanisms, our machine ensures precision and can seamlessly integrate with MES systems for double foolproofing.
  • Empty Component Detection: Equipped with CCD detection technology capable of identifying components as small as 01005, ensuring accurate and reliable performance.
  • Accurate Traceability: Seamlessly connect with MES production systems for enhanced traceability, facilitating efficient monitoring and quality control.
  • Increased Production Line Efficiency: Boost SMT production line output by over 95%, enhancing overall productivity and throughput.
  • Precision Measurement: Select the RC measured value function to ensure accurate component identification, mitigating the risk of batch errors.
  • Labor Saving: Optimize manpower utilization with one-person operation capable of managing two SMT lines simultaneously, reducing operational costs.
  • Component Detection and Calibration: Utilize CCD optics for automated detection of component presence and precise calibration of cutting positions, ensuring consistent performance.
  • Material Recycling: Simplify material handling with automatic reel recycling, activated by a long press of the recycling button, facilitating convenient and swift material collection.
  • Efficiency Redefined: Experience rapid processing times, with each operation completed in approximately 10 seconds, enabling seamless integration into fast-paced production environments.


SMT Automatic Intelligence Splicing Machine
Applicable Mounter Full SMT brand
Splicing Mode                                   Auto cutting and Splicing Splice Clip-Frame
Splicing Tape Size 32mm 32mm 32mm*2 45*17mm
Splicing Tape Package Reel
Splicing Cycle Time 6-12sec (excluding manual operation and empty tape detection time)
Passing rate on Mounter 95% 98% 98% 99%
Dimension / mm 550*470*1300 400*470*1400 400*470*1400 400*460*950
Weight Approx: 65KG Approx: 65KG Approx: 75KG Approx: 50KG
* If further parameters are required, please feel free to contact us for additional details.


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