Andy’s European Support : I.C.T Overseas SMT Machine Engineer

Andy’s European Support : I.C.T Overseas SMT Machine Engineer

In the blossoming month of May 2023, I.C.T’s seasoned SMT engineer, Andy, embarked on a challenging yet exhilarating journey to three different countries in Europe, offering equipment support to three diverse clients. The role of an overseas engineer at I.C.T demands not only exceptional professional skills but also the ability to handle a variety of on-site challenges. With a decade of SMT experience under his belt, Andy was a perfect fit, although taking on three countries in one go posed a significant challenge.

The first stop on Andy’s European odyssey was Finland, where a client specialized in the production of elongated rigid LED strips. Having purchased an entire production line from I.C.T, this client stood out by choosing a unique combination of equipment – a Vacuum Loader for the PCB Loader and a Vertical Buffer for the PCB Unloader. According to Andy, the company’s management and engineering team were delightful, and they spent a joyful seven days together, ensuring the seamless integration of the production line.

The second destination took Andy to the picturesque Malta, where the client focused on manufacturing computer motherboards. Two machines, a Laser Marking Machine and a PCB Routing Machine, were acquired from I.C.T. Placing the Laser Marking Machine strategically between the printer and pick-and-place machine, while the PCB Routing Machine found its home in a separate location, Andy efficiently completed the debugging and training in just three days.

Next on the itinerary was Greece, where the client specialized in producing access control systems. Purchasing an entire SMT production line from I.C.T, the client dealt with a variety of access control systems, from those used in office buildings to card-scanning entry systems. Andy, through meticulous explanations of the PCB Stacker, printer, pick-and-place machine, and reflow soldering, empowered the client to swiftly grasp the intricacies. In a mere seven days, they were ready to independently produce their products, eliminating the need to outsource to EMS companies.

Access control system SMT assembly line
Access control system SMT assembly line

Andy’s journey through Europe not only showcased his technical prowess but also highlighted the collaborative spirit between I.C.T and its clients. This odyssey was a testament to the company’s commitment to delivering exceptional support services and empowering clients to master their manufacturing processes.

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