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I.C.T-X7900 BGA X-Ray Inspection Machine


I.C.T-X7900 BGA X-Ray Inspection Machine

  1. Multi-frequency PSLM: Our SMT SPI machine features Multi-frequency PSLM technology, offering ±1200um detection height and enhanced accuracy.
  2. Phase Modulation Profilermetry (PMP): Achieve precision with our SMT SPI machine, boasting PMP technology for a 0.37um height resolution.
  3. High Resolution and High Frame Rate Image Processing Unit: Experience precise 2D/3D measurements with our SMT SPI machine, equipped with an Active RGB 2D Light Source and patented RGB Tune function.



I.C.T-X7900 BGA X-Ray Inspection Machine

Our BGA X-ray inspection system, an integral part of the X-7900 inspection machine electronic semiconductor testing equipment, offers unparalleled precision and reliability in detecting defects within integrated circuit chip semiconductors. Capable of inspecting a variety of components including BGA, IGBT, flip-chip, and PCBA weldments, our BGA X-ray system ensures the highest quality standards in industries ranging from LED and photovoltaics to automotive manufacturing.

Versatile Applications:

Beyond semiconductor testing, our BGA X-ray inspection technology finds extensive application across diverse industrial sectors. From automotive parts manufacturing to foundry testing, pressure vessel and pipe welding quality assessment, and new material analysis, our system excels in providing comprehensive inspection solutions. Additionally, it enables precise defect detection in various types of batteries, including power batteries, cylindrical cells, flexible packaging, square shells, laminates, and more. With its versatility and accuracy, our BGA X-ray inspection system stands as a cornerstone for quality assurance in modern industrial settings.

Key Features

  • Effortless Batch Detection with CNC Program: Automate batch detection with precision using the CNC program, ensuring seamless inspection across different sample positions.
  • Precision Measurement of Length and Width: Enhance accuracy by precisely measuring the length and width of specific areas within the detection zone, guaranteeing meticulous inspection results.
  • Visual Navigation Interface for Precise Positioning: Achieve unprecedented precision with a visual navigation interface, allowing precise positioning through X-Y joystick displacement.
  • Bubble Measurement for Comprehensive Analysis: Streamline bubble analysis with one-key measurement, covering bubble size, void rate, and tin climbing height, ensuring thorough inspection.
  • Automated SMT X Ray Inspection Light Tube Control: Optimize efficiency with automatic ON/OFF control of the SMT X Ray Inspection light tube, facilitating batch detection of samples.
  • Japanese SMT X Ray Inspection Light Tube for Unmatched Accuracy: Elevate detection accuracy to 1um with the inclusion of a high-precision Japanese SMT X-ray Machine light tube.
  • Ergonomic Design and User-Friendly Interface: Prioritize user comfort with an ergonomic design and a friendly man-machine interface, promoting efficient and comfortable operation.

Revised Summary:

I.C.T BGA X-ray Machine boasts several standout features that redefine precision and efficiency in batch detection and analysis:

  • Effortless Batch Detection: Seamlessly automate batch detection across various sample positions with precision, thanks to the CNC program.
  • Precise Measurement: Enhance accuracy by meticulously measuring length and width within the detection zone, ensuring thorough inspection.
  • Visual Navigation Interface: Achieve unparalleled precision in positioning through the user-friendly visual navigation interface.
  • Comprehensive Bubble Analysis: Streamline bubble analysis with one-key measurement, covering critical parameters for thorough inspection.
  • Automated Light Tube Control: Maximize efficiency with automatic control of the SMT X Ray Inspection light tube, facilitating batch detection.
  • Japanese Precision: Elevate detection accuracy with a high-precision Japanese SMT X-ray Machine light tube.
  • User-Friendly Design: Prioritize user comfort and efficiency with an ergonomic design and intuitive interface, ensuring smooth operation.


Item Model I.C.T X-7900
X-Ray Tube Type Enclosed reflective target microfocus X-ray source
Voltage 130kV
Electric current 300uA
Focal spot size 3μm
Maximum input power 39W
X-ray beam angle (cone) 105 degree
Distance from focus to object 10mm
Flat panel Imaging area 160mm*160mm
Photosensitive unit size 85μm
Resolution 1644*1648px
Detector tilt angle 0-60°
Image frame rate (1×1) 30fps
Platform Max. Loading size 540mm*540mm
Max. Inspection area 510mm*510mm
Max. Loading weight 10kg
Platform rotation 360° platform rotation (Optional)
Machine Inner lead sheet 5mm thick lead plate (isolation radiation)
Dimension 1110mm(L)*1350mm(W)*2000mm(H)
Weight 1050KG
Computer 24-inch widescreen LCD monitor/I5 processor/4Gmemory/250G hard disk
Power AC110/220V, 10A, 1300W

* If further parameters are required, please feel free to contact us for additional details.


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