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I.C.T-U2 Glue Conformal UV Curing Oven

I.C.T conformal UV Curing Oven-U2
IR Curing Oven
Conformal coating Machine line
I.C.T conformal UV Curing Oven-U2
IR Curing Oven
Conformal coating Machine line

I.C.T-U2 Glue Conformal UV Curing Oven

  • Precise Control System: Instrument or PLC+ touch screen control ensures steady and reliable machine operation, enhancing productivity.
  • Efficient UV Lamp Design: With UV lamps boasting a lifespan of 1000-1200 hours and strong coating penetration, the equipment optimizes production efficiency.
  • Flexible UV Lamp Adjustment: Individual control and height adjustment of UV lamps accommodate diverse process requirements, ensuring precise curing results.


SMT UV Curing Oven

I.C.T-U2 Glue Conformal UV Curing Oven

The I.C.T PCB UV Curing Oven is a cost-effective drying oven produced by I.C.T, which is designed for curing UV light curing coatings such as UV paint, UV glue, UV ink or UV varnish, etc. It features a control system with instrument or PLC+ touch screen control, ensuring the machine works steadily.
The UV lamp lifetime can reach 1000-1200 hours, and the energy of UV is higher and the penetration ability of the coating is stronger than abnormal lamp protection device. The equipment has the function of in and out board detection, which can observe the number and transportation of the boards in the equipment. The height of each group of UV lamps can be controlled individually and adjusted up and down, and the distance between the lamp and PCBA can be flexibly adjusted to meet different process requirements.

Key Features

  • Control System: Equipped with an Instrument or PLC+ touch screen control, ensuring the machine operates steadily and reliably.
  • UV Lamp Longevity: UV lamps boast a lifetime of 1000-1200 hours, delivering higher energy and stronger coating penetration compared to conventional lamps, with built-in protection mechanisms.
  • Precision Design: Incorporates a focus design and utilizes imported high-light reflector lamp shades for instant drying and fast processing speeds.
  • Independent Cooling Area: Features an independent cooling area to ensure PCBs exit the machine at a low temperature, preserving their integrity.
  • Transmission System: Utilizes imported motors and speed adjusters for smooth and precise operation, ensuring stable performance.
  • Stainless Steel Chain Transportation: Equipped with a stainless steel chain transportation system, offering adjustable width and stable, controllable speed.
  • In/Out Board Detection: Incorporates a detection function for inbound and outbound boards, facilitating monitoring of board transportation within the equipment.
  • Adjustable UV Lamp Heights: Each group of UV lamps can be individually controlled and adjusted vertically, allowing flexible adaptation of the lamp-to-PCBA distance to meet various process requirements.


Specifications I.C.T-U2
Transport Stainless steel long pin chain, 35B pin length 5mm, add stainless steel tabs
Conveyor speed 0.5~3.5m/min
UV light quantity 1set
UV light power 6Kw/set
Main wave length 365nm
Light intensity range 100~260mw/cm²
Dimension (L*W*H) 1500*1100*1720mm
Weight Approx.450KG

* I.C.T keeps working on quality and performance, specifications and appearance may be updated without particular notice.


I.C.T UV Curing Oven U2.pdf, File Size: 833KB



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