A Tale of Excellence: I.C.T’s SMT Overseas Support to Kazakhstan

A Tale of Excellence: I.C.T’s SMT Overseas Support to Kazakhstan

In the crisp February air of 2023, I.C.T’s SMT overseas engineers embarked on a journey to Kazakhstan, weaving a narrative of dedication and support for two valued clients. The mission was clear: to provide comprehensive service and assistance in setting up and optimizing SMT production lines for the clients who had recently acquired I.C.T cutting-edge equipment.

The canvas of service unfolded with the meticulous unboxing and arrangement of freshly acquired devices according to the layout diagram. The engineers diligently tuned each machine’s program, ensuring seamless functionality. The ultimate goal was to guide the clients through the production of their inaugural PCBA – a symbolic first step into a new era of manufacturing. Throughout this process, every nuance of equipment usage, potential challenges, and troubleshooting methods were imparted to the clients through rigorous training.

The first client in Kazakhstan, specializing in the production of security equipment, embraced a diverse array of SMT and DIP production lines. Engineer Andy, the adept SMT engineer, orchestrated the production of their first PCB board – a smoke alarm. With production lines spanning over 15 meters, strategically divided into separate spaces, the client’s focus on security devices allowed for the selection of compact machinery such as the I.C.T-4034 SMT printer and a Acrab350 wave soldering machine. Over a span of approximately 10 days, thorough training enabled the client’s engineers to confidently handle the entire production process independently.

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The second client, a manufacturer of walkie-talkies and drones, brought a distinctive touch to the tale. A memorable highlight was the presence of a female engineer among their ranks – a rare sight in the industry. The bond between her and Engineer Andy transcended professional realms, evolving into a friendship that extended beyond borders. I.C.T’s live stream event even featured a remote connection with the female engineer, enhancing the camaraderie. Specializing in communication devices, the client’s primary focus was learning how to utilize the SMT production line for the PCBAs in their walkie-talkies. In just 7 days, the female engineer mastered every step of the operation.

A remarkable aspect of the client’s embraced our suggested solution of selective wave soldering. This decision was driven by the recognition that their product DIP components were relatively few, and the emphasis on high-end quality necessitated a welding approach tailored to their specific needs. The selection of selective wave soldering proved to be an ideal fit, aligning perfectly with the client’s focus on precision and elevated production standards.

This overseas support was a testament to I.C.T’s unwavering commitment to providing top-notch support to its clients. As they left the two clients in Kazakhstan, having seamlessly assisted both in their respective journeys, I.C.T vowed to maintain this commitment, continuing to serve clients with the same dedication and passion that fueled this overseas adventure.

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