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AI-5146W Inline I.C.T THT AOI Machine

I.C.T SMT THT AOI Machine AI5146
I.C.T Overseas Support in Uruguay SMT Factory
I.C.T SMT THT AOI Machine AI5146
I.C.T Overseas Support in Uruguay SMT Factory

AI-5146W Inline I.C.T THT AOI Machine

    • DIP Line AOI: Dual-sided inspection system for post-soldering checks. Utilizes high-precision cameras and CNN algorithms for intelligent defect detection.
    • Efficient Dual-Sided Inspection: Streamline your inspection process with the ICT AI-5146W. Its advanced optical system and AI-powered algorithms ensure fast and accurate defect detection after THT soldering.
    • Smart Defect Detection: The AI-5146W intelligently identifies component defects, eliminating manual errors and improving quality control efficiency.


THT AOI Machine

I.C.T AI-5146W In-line THT AOI Machine

I.C.T AI-5146W: an advanced THT AOI Machine tailored for post-wave soldering tasks. Specifically engineered to scrutinize solder joint quality on PCBA, it features dual CCD detection units above and below, enabling simultaneous inspection of both sides. Powered by a Deep Learning Algorithm, Flexible Procedures, and rapid programming capabilities, the AI-5146W ensures robust and intelligent inspection. Its swift speed and seamless integration with MES systems enhance efficiency, elevating your quality control for comprehensive post-wave soldering inspection.

Key Features

  • Dual-Sided Inspection: Comprehensive examination after soldering, ensuring thorough defect detection.
  • High Accuracy and Efficiency: Achieves high inspection rates with minimal false alarms, enhancing production efficiency.
  • Comprehensive Defect Detection: Identifies various defects including wrong parts, missing components, and reverse polarity.
  • Production Line Flexibility: Allows spanning erection without requiring changes to the production line setup, ensuring flexibility.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Simplified programming flow with batch modification support, enhancing ease of use.
  • Centralized Control and Equipment Interconnection: Enables seamless integration with multiple equipment, facilitating centralized control.
  • Quick Inspection Speed and Defect Localization: Utilizes genetic algorithm path planning and GPU image parallel processing for faster data running speed, ensuring rapid defect localization.
  • Deep Learning Algorithm Integration and MES System Compatibility: Utilizes deep learning algorithms for intelligent judgment, supports automatic reading of codes, and provides complete data export for effective MES system integration.


I.C.T On-line Dual Side THT AOI Machine After Wave Soldering Process
Model AI-5146W AI-5146WL
FOV 52.6*44mm
Resolution 21.5um
Camera 5M
Inspection Speed 0.23sec/FOV
PCB Height Top:75mm, Bottom:75mm
PCB Thickness 0.3 ~ 6.0mm
PCB Edge 3.0mm
PCB Warpage ±3.0mm
PCB Weight Max:10Kg
Conveyor Height 750&900±20mm
With Adjustment Manual&Auto
Conveyor Direction L ~R or R ~L
Power AC220 50/60Hz,5A
Rated power 520W
Communication SMEMA
Weight 890Kg 100Kg
Dimension L1050*W1335*H1650mm L1050*W1535*H1650mm

* If further parameters are required, please feel free to contact us for additional details.


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