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I.C.T AI-5146 SMT In-Line AOI Machine

I.C.T SMT THT AOI Machine AI5146
I.C.T SMT THT AOI Machine AI5146

I.C.T AI-5146 SMT In-Line AOI Machine

    • Stability and Accuracy: Demonstrates good stability with GR&R < 10% @ 6 Sigma, and CPK > 1.33 (Test deviation accuracy less than ±0.25mm).
    • Versatile Inspection Capability: Suitable for both pre-reflow and post-reflow inline inspections in SMT processes.
    • Efficient Programming: Simplified programming flow with a straightforward interface.


SMT In-Line AOI Machine

I.C.T AI-5146 SMT In-line AOI Machine

Advanced SMT AOI Machine: Enhancing Precision and Efficiency in Surface Mount Technology

The I.C.T SMT AOI Machine is an advanced inspection system engineered specifically for integration into SMT Machine Lines. Employing a high precision color industrial camera, it captures real-time board images with utmost accuracy. Powered by Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) algorithms, it adeptly processes these images, enabling intelligent detection of component defects and soldering defects. Positioned strategically either pre-reflow or post-reflow soldering stages, this AI-5146 AOI machine ensures the integrity of surface-mounted components and the quality of solder joints.

This state-of-the-art AOI machine boasts exceptional versatility, offering seamless integration into diverse manufacturing environments. Its standout feature lies in its advanced software algorithms, facilitating rapid programming and enabling swift adaptation to various client requirements globally. Moreover, the incorporation of AI functionality significantly enhances user experience, streamlining the inspection process and providing intuitive operation for operators. With its unparalleled precision and advanced capabilities, the I.C.T SMT AOI represents a reliable solution for ensuring quality assurance in SMT production processes.

Key Features

  • Versatile Inspection Capability: Adaptable for pre-reflow and post-reflow inline inspections, ensuring comprehensive quality control throughout production.
  • Precision and Stability Enhancement: Utilizes a granite platform to enhance precision and stability, ensuring consistent and reliable performance.
  • Advanced Lighting and Optics: Features programmable RGB+W LED lighting and bilateral telecentric lens for distortion-free, accurate inspection results.
  • Streamlined Programming and Intuitive Interface: Simplified programming flow and user-friendly interface for efficient operation and reduced setup time.
  • Centralized Control and Seamless Interconnection: Enables centralized control and integration with multiple equipment, optimizing operational efficiency.
  • Comprehensive Defect Detection: Detects a wide range of defects including insufficient solder, short circuits, contamination, and missing parts, ensuring thorough quality assurance.
  • Stability, Accuracy, and Traceability: Demonstrates exceptional stability and accuracy with support for GR&R < 10% @ 6 Sigma and CPK > 1.33, while providing traceable data and SPC alarms for effective quality management.

Deep Learning Algorithm Integration in AOI Machine

I.C.T SMT AOI machine leverages deep learning algorithms, big data optimization, and intelligent minimalist programming for industrial inspection. This enables intelligent judgment through one-click automatic identification of components and solder joints, effectively mitigating traditional algorithm challenges of lengthy programming and high false alarm rates.

Quick Inspection Speed with SMT Online AOI Inspection Machine

1. The adoption of a top high precision intelligent camera for photographing inspection allows for flexible handling of high-capacity PCBs.
2. Incorporating a deep alignment control system maintains ultrafast moving speed, enhancing overall inspection efficiency.
3. Real-time computation capabilities enable simultaneous shooting of the next field of view (FOV) while computing solder joint information from the last FOV.
4. Path planning features automatically generate movement paths for inspection, streamlining the inspection process.

MES System Data Reporting in SMT Online AOI Inspection Machine

1. Real-time data retention with export capabilities facilitates process improvement and production tracing within MES systems.
2. Automatic code reading by the camera (bar code and QR code) enhances data accuracy and efficiency.
3. Comprehensive data collection includes overall statistics and detailed inspection information for each inspected board.
4. Support for one-key export ensures convenient data traceback, enabling effective integration with MES systems for improved workflow management.


Model I.C.T SMT AOI AI-5146 I.C.T SMT AOI AI-5146D
Mini Component 01005chip,0.3pitch IC and Special shaped
FOV 15um@60*45mm, 10um@40*30mm 15um@60*45mm
Resolution 15um(Standard), 10um 15um
Camera 5M pixel intelligent digital industrial camera(12M Optional)
Lens Telecentric lens
Inspection Speed 0.23sec/FOV
Rail Single rail Dual rail
PCB Height Top:25mm,Bottom:80mm Top:25mm,Bottom:30mm
PCB Thickness 0.3 ~ 6.0mm
PCB Edge 3.7mm
PCB Warpage ±3.0mm
PCB Weight Max:3Kg
Conveyor Height 900±20mm
With Adjustment Manual&Auto
Conveyor Direction L ~R or R ~L
Power AC220 50/60Hz,5A
Rated power 380W
Communication SMEMA
Weight 750Kg 790Kg

* If further parameters are required, please feel free to contact us for additional details.


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