SMT Machine

Fully Automated Traceable High-End SMT Line

SMT Line
SMT Line Machine and Pick and place machine
SMT Line Machine and reflow oven
SMT Line Machine and Stencil Printer
SMT Line
SMT Line Machine and Pick and place machine
SMT Line Machine and reflow oven
SMT Line Machine and Stencil Printer

Fully Automated Traceable High-End SMT Line

    • Tailored Solutions: Serving 1350+ factories, I.C.T customizes SMT solutions based on your unique needs.

    • Fully Automated: With just 1-2 operators, SMT Line ensures seamless operations.

    • Traceability & Connectivity: Real-time data tracking, MES integration, and easy smart manufacturing upgrades.

    • Versatile Suitability: Ideal for diverse industries, unless requiring exceptionally high precision or capacity.

    • Precision and Efficiency: Experience enhanced accuracy and productivity to outshine competitors.


Improve your production efficiency with our advanced traceable SMT lines

This high-end SMT Line, equipped with advanced traceability devices including a Laser Marking Machine, Label Mounter, and Inkjet Marking Machine. This state-of-the-art equipment ensures that every PCBA produced is traceable with specific barcodes or QR codes. You can track which production line and operator were involved and which batch of materials was used. This traceability enhances data accuracy and operational transparency.

Additionally, our SMT Line comes standard with AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) and SPI (Solder Paste Inspection) machines. These inspection systems allow for early detection and resolution of issues during production. I.C.T can customize an SMT Line solution tailored to your specific needs. To date, we have provided SMT Line services to 1,423 clients in 85 countries, ensuring top-notch quality and customer satisfaction.

Machine Selection

SMT line with SPI AOI Tracb

PCB Loader Magazine Series, Vacuum SeriesStacker Series
Traceability Machine
SMT Laser Marking Machine, Label Mounter, Inkjet Printer
SMT Stencil Printer I.C.T-4034, 5134, 5151, 6534, 6561, P1200, P1500
PCB Surface Cleaner I.C.T-250, 350, 450
SMT SPI I.C.T-S400, S400D, S1200
PCB Buffer NG Buffer
Pick and Place Machine JUKI: RS-1R
SAMSUNG: SM481, SM471, Decan S1, Decan L2, Decan F2
PCB Conveyor Link Series, Inspection Series
AOI I.C.T-AI5146
PCB Reject Conveyor RC-500L,RC-1000L
Reflow Oven Lyra Series: Lyra-622, 733, 934
*Option Nitrogen, CBS, Double-Rail
L Series: L8, L10
S Series: S6, S8
PCB Conveyor  Cooling Conveyor, Cooling Buffer
AOI I.C.T-AI5146
Unloader NG/OK Unloader

* If further parameters are required, please feel free to contact us for additional details.

Preparations before installation

Category Projects Details
Factory Layout Requirements Factory Air Circuit Layout Use factory air source or separate oil-free compressed air machine. Pressure should be greater than 7kg/cm2.
Factory Electrical Layout Single-phase AC220 (220±10%, 50/60Hz)
Three-phase AC 380V (380±10%, 50/60Hz)
Factory Exhaust Layout The minimum flow rate of the exhaust duct is 500 cubic feet per minute (14.15m3/min))
Factory Lighting Layout The ideal illumination in the factory is 800~1200LUX, at least not less than 300LUX.
Factory Temperature Layout The ambient temperature of the production workshop is 23±3°C, generally 17~28°C, and the relative humidity is 45%~70%RH.
Material Preparation BOM List
CAD File
Gerber File
Solder Paste
SMD Component Materials
Industrial Alcohol
Splice Belt


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I.C.T SMT Line Solution, File Size: 1MB



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Comprehensive SMT Solutions with Global Reach

I.C.T offers adaptable SMT solutions for diverse needs. Our top-notch service, online support, and cutting edge engineering ensure high quality processes. Committed to excellent service, we maximize production line productivity with outstanding quality driven by lean processes, employee integration, proactive planning, and continuous improvement.

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