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I.C.T Lyra Series Reflow Oven

Reflow Oven
I.C.T Lyra Series Reflow Oven 2-1
I.C.T Lyra Series Reflow Oven 2-2
I.C.T Lyra Series Reflow Oven 2-3
I.C.T Lyra Series Reflow Oven 2-5
Reflow Oven
I.C.T Lyra Series Reflow Oven 2-1
I.C.T Lyra Series Reflow Oven 2-2
I.C.T Lyra Series Reflow Oven 2-3
I.C.T Lyra Series Reflow Oven 2-5

I.C.T Lyra Series Reflow Oven

    • Flexible Modular Design: I.C.T-Lyra Series reflow oven offers customizable heating and cooling zones for adaptable production setups.
    • Optimal Heat Transfer: Achieve superior soldering quality and higher yields with the oven’s efficient heat transfer technology.
    • Efficient Cooling System: Experience faster cycle times and increased throughput with precise temperature control and advanced cooling capabilities.
    • Cost-Efficient Operation: Reduce maintenance and fluid consumption costs with the oven’s powerful Residue Management System and minimized fluid usage.


Reflow Oven

I.C.T-Lyra Series Lead-free Reflow Oven

The I.C.T-Lyra Series Reflow Oven Machine, a pinnacle of cutting-edge technology in the SMT industry.Crafted with Nitrogen Standard, this reflow oven offers the flexibility for customers to integrate nitrogen at any point, ensuring optimal soldering conditions. With 26 years of industry expertise, I.C.T brings unparalleled knowledge to the table, offering on-site installation, training, and round-the-clock customer service.

Our Lyra series reflow oven stands as a testament to years of market testing and refinement, maintaining a dominant market share. Its advanced heating performance and precise temperature control system cater to diverse soldering processes, reflecting our commitment to excellence in technical research and development.

The Lyra series Lead-free reflow oven is not just a product; it’s a commitment to staying ahead of market demands and enhancing customer competitiveness. With a focus on innovative design and adaptability, it’s perfectly suited for various industries including communications, automotive electronics, home appliances, and consumer electronics. Experience accuracy, economy, and ease of assembly with our vision-guided DIY kit and open-source software, backed by highly trained experts ready to support your production needs.

Key Features

  • Nitrogen Standard Construction: Each Lyra SMT oven is constructed with Nitrogen Standard, allowing customers the flexibility to integrate nitrogen at any point in the future.
  • Enhanced Guide Rail Design: Featuring a special guide rail design, Lyra ensures that the guide rail remains free from deformation, ensuring smooth and precise movement of components during the soldering process.
  • Chamber Design for Heat Control: The chamber is designed with a hole-free construction to prevent heat leakage, thereby ensuring accurate temperature control throughout the soldering process.
  • Enhanced Safety Measures: All electrical components and connection points within the oven are suspended, enhancing safety and minimizing the risk of electrical hazards.
  • Robust Motor Protection: Reflow Oven incorporates a robust motor protection design, preventing motor seizing caused by excessive flux, ensuring consistent and reliable operation.
  • Precise Process Control and Reliability: Lyra Reflow Ovenoffers precise process control and reliability with a loading effect of less than 2K, ensuring consistent soldering results.
  • Optimized Transmission Speed and Frequency: With a transmission speed of 87.5 cm/min and a motor frequency of 35Hz, Lyra ensures efficient soldering processes.
  • Thermal Uniformity and Heat Balance: Lyra Reflow Ovenprovides excellent thermal uniformity capacity (CI = 2.0 ℃) and heat balance capacity (Φ = 24.5 ℃ – 27 ℃), ensuring consistent and uniform heating across all components.
  • Efficient Flux Management System: Lyra’s flux management system effectively manages residue and reduces nitrogen consumption, optimizing soldering performance and reducing operational costs.
  • Versatile Cooling System: The cooling system of Lyra offers versatility, allowing for both water cooling and air cooling interchangeability, providing flexibility to adapt to varying production requirements.


Model Lyra 622 Lyra 733 Lyra 933
Quantity of preheating zones 6 7 9
Quantity of peak zones 2 3 3
Max. soldering temperature Pre-heating zones 300 °C and peak zones350 °C
Quantity of cooling zones 2 2 3
Mesh Width Standard 440mm( Option 560 & 680mm )
Rail Width Single Rail: 50 – 460mm, Option: 50 – 686mm other Width on request. Dual Rail Standard: 50 – 290mm*2
Dimensions 5150*1400*1500mm 6250*1400*1500mm 6950*1400*1500mm
Weight 2400 kg 2800 kg 3200 kg

* If further parameters are required, please feel free to contact us for additional details.


I.C.T Lyra Series Reflow Oven, File Size: 1MB


I.C.T Lyra Series Feature, File Size: 2M



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