Lucas Technical Supports Malaysian Customer SMT LED Lens Production Line Tour

Lucas Technical Supports Malaysian Customer SMT LED Lens Production Line Tour

In the vibrant month of July 2023, I.C.T’s overseas SMT engineer, Lucas, embarked on a mission to Malaysia, where a forward-thinking client had recently invested in the LED Lens Bar dispensing line. Lucas’s role extended beyond mere technical support – it encompassed a comprehensive journey of assistance, from unboxing and testing to the production of the client’s first PCBA.

As Lucas arrived at the client’s facility, the LED Lens Bar dispensing line, including the semi-automatic printer, dispensing machine, pick-and-place machine, and reflow soldering oven, awaited attention. The equipment had been meticulously unboxed and arranged according to the layout diagram, setting the stage for Lucas to begin his work immediately.

Navigating the complexities of LED Lens Bar production, Lucas recognized the unique challenges posed by the elongated PCB boards, reaching up to 1.2 meters in length. The client had the flexibility to choose between a fully automatic printer and a semi-automatic printer based on their specific cost and production requirements.

The intricacies of the LED Lens Bar production line required specialized expertise, and Lucas, with his profound knowledge, began imparting training to the client’s engineers. The optimal strategy in a factory with a substantial workforce was to train 1-2 engineers thoroughly, transforming them into proficient experts who could then cascade their knowledge to others.

The LED Lens Bar production process involved two key stages, demanding the utmost precision from the SMT engineer. In the initial phase, Lucas guided the engineers through the printing, pick-and-place, and reflow soldering processes, attaching LED chips to aluminum substrates without the use of the dispensing machine. The second phase introduced the use of the dispensing machine, pick-and-place machine, bowl feeder, and reflow soldering oven for the application and curing of LED lenses. The curing temperature, critical for the adhesive, required adjustment from the initial 230 degrees to approximately 150 degrees.

Upon successfully producing the inaugural LED Lens Bar, the client invited their customers for a tour. Lucas, the beacon of expertise, passionately detailed the intricacies of the production process, showcasing the seamless collaboration between I.C.T’s technology and the client’s vision. The journey illuminated not only the LED Lens Bar but also the collaborative spirit between I.C.T and its clients, with Lucas at the helm, guiding the way to excellence.

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